Photography Workshops with Raw Photo Design

It’s time to stop complaining about all of the “new” photographers on the scene and start setting yourself apart. And lets face it, with the emergence of 100,000 ISO DSLR cameras combined with wide-aperture lenses, it has never been easier to learn how to shoot in available light. If you are ready to break the mold and stand out in a sea of “available light” photographers, join us for FLASH | exposed. We will teach you the nuts and bolts of off-camera manual flash using minimal gear that will NOT break the bank. We’ll also take all the scary “manual flash” language and break it down to very simple concepts that everyone will understand. The overall goal is to give each of you the tools needed to create stunning and dynamic portraits in ANY lighting scenario at ANY time of day in ANY location. For additional information, FAQs and dates, click here.

We love shooting, but we really love sharing and teaching. We are pumped to share our revamped, kicked up lighting presentation which now also includes:

- Simple, solid Reception Lighting; including set up diagrams for venues that range from “basic” to “extremely challenging” in terms of lighting and layout.
Problem Solving; we have developed a quick, step by step checklist to reference when you are tackling a lighting situation (or just happen to find yourself in one). No panicking, because this cheat sheet will guide you right through the thought process…and you..well, will look like a hero and can get back to shooting.
– The new and improved Gear Guide; every piece of lighting equipment that we use and why (even the batteries – yup, they really do matter), we even include pictures and links for where to purchase. It’s pretty amazing.

Best part? We have reduced the attendee fee for this year, it’s only $400 per seat…and of course we are continuing to maintain our very small, intimate group sizes.

Click here for the latest information and secure a seat.

Come see the RAD images from past lighting workshops on our blog, we seriously can’t wait to see you!