Inspire Photo Seminars | At It Again.

This year, I can say for sure. Cannot be topped. Really? Where do we go from here. Insanely inspirational people all cooped up in one remote hotel in Sturbridge Village (with lots of indoor Gazebos), and this is what you get. Imagine if you took this crew to somewhere far away and inspirational on it’s own?! It would be an inspiration meltdown. This event, INSPIRE goes to show that if you take the right group of people, you can plop them anywhere and make magic. Eric and I are insanely grateful to have the opportunity to partake and share in this great, one of a kind group.

We have pictures in the works. But please watch the video, share, comment and register for 2014! It will be unstoppable.

Inspire 2013 from MKD Photography on Vimeo.