About Us

When we were married 5 years ago we were very disappointed with the artificial approach that we saw generally being taken with wedding photography. We did not understand why we could not find authentic, artistic, photography that focused on capturing the substance of our relationship on our wedding day. We could not comprehend why people were so accepting of over-posed, unnatural wedding images that, in our opinion, failed to capture emotion, connection or romance accurately. As time went on, we came to realize that our vision for “raw” wedding photography was actually something that many couples did want desperately, but they just never imagined that they could have it. RAW Photo Design was not only born out of Eric’s intense passion for the art of photography, but largely based on the goal that we both share, which is to make people feel like they have never felt before: confident, empowered, glamorous, assured, influential, sophisticated, alluring.

Or simply…how Eric puts it: “Like Rock Stars”.

We invest the necessary time to get to know our clients which ensures that they connect with the camera and have an established level of comfort being photographed. As a result, the images are authentic, real, intimate, and uninhibited. As you can probably tell from the images on our website, we are passionate about working with clients that share our vision for photography which is unconventional, fresh, and innovative.

We’re based out of Connecticut and shoot weddings in CT, MA, RI, and NY regularly. Available for travel worldwide.